yogurt bowls

Cinnamon-Roasted Veggies

If you are familiar with my Instagram account @balancingserena, then you would know that my diet is FULL of vegetables because I love them! I have always thought of vegetables as a savory food… but I have found a way to incorporate them in my meals as a sweet factor! I have become obsessed with roasting them in the oven with cinnamon!! It is such a simple process that can be used on soooo many different vegetables. If you try this, I can promise you that it will turn what many see as a ‘boring’ ingredient into the game-changer of your meals! All you have to do is follow this simple list:

  • Preheat your oven. I usually set mine around 400 degrees. However, I know people that set their oven to 350, others at 450… It is up to you and your oven!
  • Then I prepare my veggies. That normally means I will wash them, chop any that need to be, and then lay them on the pan.
  • After I season them. I always use Chosen Foods Avocado Oil spray to start. After I spray my veggies, I will either choose to add cinnamon, pink himalayan sea salt, or both**.
  • Last I stick them in the oven! The amount of time that your veggies need to roast will differ depending on the veggie, your oven, the temp you choose, and your preference as to how soft or crispy you would like them to be! A general rule of thumb that I like to live by is to stick my pan in for about 15 minutes and then I will check whatever is in there. At this point my food is usually ready to be flipped and put back in for about 10 more minutes. Some veggies will require a bit more time if they are bigger, thicker, etc.. It is always a bit of a guessing game!
  • After they are done I take them out and allow them to cool completely before putting them in the fridge, otherwise they will become soggy!

**The veggies that I enjoy roasting with cinnamon for a sweet effect include carrots, sweet potatoes, some types of squash (such as acorn), and even sometimes zucchini! Of course there are some veggies that I love to roast that I do not season with cinnamon because, well, I just don’t think it would turn out well. Those can include broccoli, peppers, some squashes (such as spaghetti), brussel sprouts, and so many more. I also suggest trying sweet potatoes, carrots, and zucchini to be roasted without the cinnamon, they are good prepared with just the avocado oil and salt!

We are all aware that when you roast your veggies in a savory way that they can become an ingredient or apart of your meal… but what about when they are roasted with cinnamon? How do you eat them? My favorite way to enjoy these sweet treats are in yogurt bowls with some fruit, peanut-butter, maybe some granola, etc. You can also enjoy them the way you would normally without the cinnamon and they are just as great! There are endless ways to get creative with your vegetables. Healthy eating can be so much fun and delicious, it doesn’t have to be hard and boring! It is all dependent upon your mindset and wether or not you are willing to take the time to prepare them! I hope this was able to spark some ideas so that you now feel like running to the kitchen and having fun while fueling your body in a healthy way!


Sweet Potato Bowl

Do you ever wake up in the morning and crave something different than your normal go-to breakfast? I face this problem almost every week… I enjoy a certain meal for a bit, but then it gets boring and soon I am looking for something new! But I have found one morning meal that I have not yet gotten tired of, every morning it is as delicious as the first: Sweet potato bowls!! They are very healthy and offer good carbs, protein, and fat for you to get loads of energy to help fuel your activities for the day!

What you will need:

  • Greek yogurt
  • Any type of nut butter
  • Sweet potato
  • Toppings that include any type of spice (I love cinnamon), granola is also a wonderful pair (I suggest Purely Elizabeth), or anything else that your heart desires!


This breakfast is fast and simple! You can either steam your potato (as I did in the cover photo) or you can roast it (as I did shown below). If you will be in a time crunch in the morning, as many of us are, it is best to prepare and chill the sweet potato overnight! Otherwise this step can be done it the morning. If you prepare it in the morning you have the option to chill it or to keep or potato warm (my personal favorite!). Whether it is steamed, mashed, hot, or chilled, the rest is a piece of cake! Just scoop your greek yogurt into your bowl along with the potato. Next add your nut butter of choice (I am a peanut-butter girl all the way) and then add toppings!

This is a very flexible recipe! For instance I often will do cottage cheese instead of yogurt!  Another personal favorite of mine is to switch sweet potato for acorn squash! The options are endless! I hope you all enjoy this healthy and quick breakfast idea! Have a great week(: