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California Adventures

Before this last week, it had been a hot-minute since the last time Lizzy and I had been on a real vacation. Our parents love us more than anything, and do their best for us, but when money is tight, it is hard to make extravagant adventures happen.

A few weeks ago I had been sitting in my usual spot in Caribou, (quite a shocker I know), and I was just using my time to read and write and think. I realized how sick of my city I was. I am not a girl who is meant to be confined to a small town on the Iron Range with only one coffee shop and no malls, farmers markets, book stores, and everything else that you find in a large city. I have been feeling this way for quite a long time… ever since I finally embraced who the fact that I am a girl with big dreams and many plans for life. The feeling always tends to get stronger over the summertime when my days are wide open and I can do just about whatever I want to do. I decided that I was not going to let this summer go on the way my past few had been. That meant that I was not going to spend the whole three months of freedom I had in Hibbing, Minnesota just sitting here and wishing I was somewhere else. I decided that if I wanted things to happen, that I would have to make them happen.

I spent a few days looking into different areas that I had relatives in where I could possibly stay. I knew that with my upcoming trip to New York that I had secretly been planning to ask to take would not ever happen if I went and blew all of our money on a different trip. I also knew New York would be a crazy, busy trip and wanted to take a trip with Lizzy where we could just relax and take a break.

One day remembered that I had a great aunt named Sandy who had recently moved back to California after living there in the past. I brought it up to my mother one day and then again… then again… It started off as just a conversational piece but eventually turned into some serious plans. My mom wavered on and off about it, but eventually she was on the phone with Sandy. Initially there were a few different times where we thought the vacation wasn’t going to happen, but one night I got a text at work from Liz saying our plane tickets were purchased. That meant that Lizzy and I would be traveling to California by ourselves to stay with Sandy for four full days.

July 13th (The morning before our departure)

Thursday morning was our last day in Hibbing. I had breakfast with my sister and my Dad so that we could talk before we left on our trip. After some quality father and daughter time, followed by last minute packing, we left for St.Paul to spend the night at my uncle’s house so that we could catch our plane early the next morning.


July 14th (The day our flight goes out)

Early mornings are my favorite kind. I started that day at around 6a.m. with a fresh new outfit and some caffeine. After being dropped off at the Minneapolis airport, where we were separated from our mom and uncle, Liz and I managed to navigate through check-in and security and find our gate with little experience and no help. This is the usual for people who travel often, but for us, we felt pretty good about ourselves at that time. We found one of the many overpriced airport restaurants and I had breakfast at the build-your-own yogurt parfait bar plus Caribou. Then Liz and I sat around for a little bit after that and eventually got on our plane. It was an amazing flight where I read quite a bit from The Wellness Project. Before I knew it, we landed in San Francisco. We met our aunt and immediately made the drive to Santa Rosa where Sandy calls home. The drive was another two hours piled onto the three and a half hour plane ride, but we got to do some sightseeing and talk with Sandy.

We arrived and immediately had lunch at a cute little cafe where I enjoyed a kale and quinoa salad along with the Spa Treatment (aka a sparkling water flavored with massaged cucumber, mint, and lime) (aka the best thing ever). Then we made our way to Sandy’s house.

Walking in, my first impression blew me away. The house was a bit older and had so much character. With an open concept kitchen that was flooded with sunlight from the two sets of sliding glass doors that outlook her gorgeous backyard pool and landscaped yard, I already felt at home. After dropping off our bags we made our way to Whole Foods to shop for some food for the upcoming vacation. I walked in and fell in love. I am a big advocate for local, organic, and whole foods. Not only does this grocery chain they follow those standards but they have a deli was full of amazing dishes, coffee ice-cream, bakery items, and so much more (some that I chose for dinner that night). They also carry all the hard-to-get-at brands where I live in the middle of nowhere without any health-food stores. I found Perfect Bars, Siete tortillas, Pressed Juicery juices along with so many fresh and exciting produce. Of course Lizzy grabbed ice cream balls, aka Mochi, that were surprisingly delicious. They had a doughy texture on the outside that resembles bread dough and the inside was pure ice cream, I am happy to say they were the first of my Californian treats that literally left me drooling. The rest of that night was pretty low-key. It consisted of visiting and unpacking along with planning and list-making.


July 15th (Our first full day)

Our first morning began with one of my favorite breakfasts: sunny-side up eggs on top of a Siete tortilla smothered with avocado. After enjoying, Liz and I went outside and took advantage of the beautiful backyard while laying in the sun and taking in the amazing view of the mountains. We relaxed like this for a bit and then got our suits on. After a few stops, and lunch-packing, we made our way to Bodega Bay. The drive to the ocean was such a sight. After going through a few towns, (some of which had cute surf shops!), we got to swerve through the mountains where I felt smaller than I ever had before. The Californian Mountains were so large and went back as far as the eye can see. They were full of luscious green patches and dry patches alike. I could not have asked to have seen a more beautiful sight on my first day.

Once we got to the beach Liz and I got settled in the sand, which included an episode of a barefooted Lizzy who reassured me with her scream and run tactic that, yes, the sand was extremely hot and that, yes, you do need to wear shoes. We settled onto the sand and enjoyed our lunch of our Whole Foods finds on our towels and then began our trek along the shore. Our time was filled with a beach photoshoot, sand dollar and seashell hunting, and squeals as we attempted to dip into the glacier-temperature water. After walking for quite a bit we found our way back to our little spot on the beach and I spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping in the sun next to the Pacific Ocean.IMG_0899

Eventually our beach bums got up and did a bit of sightseeing. We walked through some shops and candy stores along the road that ran along the whole beach.Our trip was finished with a stop near the top of the road withan overlook onto the whole beach and the gorgeous waters. Although the cold wind sent me into the car for half of this part of the sightseeing, the view was extraordinary. I have always felt most connected with the God when I spent time in nature, where I can really see His gorgeous handiwork. In those moments, I spent time thanking Him for the opportunity to be taking that trip to Cali and for the detailed and unique creations that he has put on this earth for my enjoyment. It is truly an amazing thought that God, the Creator of the Universe, created all of this and yet felt that the Earth also needed one of me as well.

Of course, after a day at the beach, ice cream is mandatory. So Sandy and her sister, Barb, took us to their favorite spot: Frosty’s Freeze. I got a chocolate cone that brought me back to my childhood days after visits to the cabin with my father when we would always stop at DQ and my order was the same (aside from the chocolate dip that I also added as a kid).IMG_0675


July 16th (Our second full day)

Sunday mornings have always been my favorite. I woke up and Lizzy and I enjoyed our breakfasts by the poolside. After getting ready, we left for church. It was a nice service with some amazing worship music, one that I felt very welcomed to. After realizing that Sandy had left the pool water running back at home, we rushed back right after the service to shut off the hose just in time before her backyard began to flood! Although, due of the fact that Santa Rosa broke a heat record that day reaching 108 degrees for the first time in years, I don’t think her plants would’ve minded much.

Once we hopped back in the car we made our way to the East West Cafe. This was only one of the many I had on my “Californian Foodie” list of places to stop. They served Mediterranean dishes that were very authentic. After enjoying a salmon wrap with hummus, brown rice, and tabbouleh, we stopped for coffee. Acre Coffee served an amazing soy latte that I sadly forgot to picture, but I did get a few snaps of the cute coffeehouse! Then we drove back to the house and Liz and I, again, suited up and had what we referred to as our ‘pool day’. Due to the heat we had a quick photo session again and then jumped in. With 108 degree weather, the cold pool water felt like a breath of fresh air. We jammed to the Disney radio and swam around while making up dances and just had fun. We had a fun time of relaxing on the furniture with books, some amazing sister talks, and just enjoying our afternoon. Then that night after supper we walked around Sandy’s neighborhood. We walked up and down streets that contained architecture of all kinds. One of my favorite observations I made on this trip was in this state you will see one house, but then turn your head and look upon the neighboring house and you’ll notice it is, most likely, completely different. I love that the people around here were not afraid to express themselves through their homes. There were houses of all colors and shapes that were decorated in such unique ways. These people really lived by the quote, ‘A home is for creative expression, not good impressions’ (one of my favorites from an old movie). When we got back from our walk that was quite a steep one, we felt we deserved to have a movie night by the pool, each with a pint of ice cream to reward ourselves with.img_07271.jpgIMG_0739

July 17th (Our third full day)

It is true when they say that you can find it all in big cities!! We had breakfast that morning at the Omelet Express; a restaurant dedicated to omelets. I had an omelet filled with turkey, avocado, veggies, and sprouts that was to die for. I then nursed my food baby, because I obviously ate my whole omelet, something that the waitress was very impressed with… Apparently most people don’t finish the whole thing, but I could’ve kept going if there had been more! Despite my past of being afraid of food and of trying to resist my intake, I now love to fuel my body and give it all the nourishment it asks for… and that morning… it asked for quite a bit! Soon after we stopped at The Flying Goat Coffee Shop. I was able to try my first ever latte made with oat milk! I have a favorite blogger who raves about it, so I have been dying to try it. That latte had unique flavor that I really enjoyed, along with the thickest layer of froth I have ever received without asking for extra! We walked back to the car and made our way to the main street where Sandy found a parking spot downtown and let us loose. Lizzy and I spent that morning exploring Santa Rosa’s beautiful downtown shops and sights including a magical bookstore that I could’ve explored for hours. I got to spend quality time with Lizzy bonding, laughing, and making the most memorable of memories!IMG_0905IMG_0913

After finishing up in that area we traveled to Sonoma Avenue so that I could hit up The Pharmacy for lunch. It is a cute cafe where they use local and organic ingredients. Their motto is ‘Food is medicine,’ which couldn’t be more true. I ordered the avocado toast, which if I could, I would do over a million times. The thick sourdough was toasted to perfection, it had such a thick layer of avocado, and it was topped with fleur de sol, Katz Olive Oil, chili flakes, and sunflower sprouts. I enjoyed it on their patio furniture while Liz ate their lemon meringue jar. We then continued with our adventures throughout Santa Rosa’s many different offerings of shops and villages.IMG_0967IMG_0918

Near dinner time we went home and rested up for a bit and then got ready for what we named our ‘really fancy dinner night’. We told Sandy we would like to treat her to an amazing dinner at a restaurant of her choice along with buying her a bottle of her favorite wine. We ended up at The Villa; an Italian restaurant in the mountains with the most breathtaking view. That night was what I considered to be a breaking point, so to say, of our vacation. Although I had felt comfortable with Sandy throughout our whole time together, we really bonded that night. She told Lizzy and I about all her different life adventures. She has lived in many different homes in many different towns and states. She has traveled to many countries of which included Israel (where she was able to walk on some of the same streets as Jesus). She told us all about her romance with her husband Bill, of which has now left me with expectations of Prince Charming for my future mate. She told us all kinds of stories of her past and of family history. Liz and I were absolutely amazed with the knowledge that Sandy held. You never realize how much one person has to share until you really take time to get to know them. And I had never realized, until that night, that I had a great aunt who had lived such a fulfilling life full of adventure, traveled to so many places, taken so many crazy opportunites. This lady that I was spending my vacation with was truly someone who had taken life and experienced it to the fullest. So we talked, and laughed, and shared stories, and eventually made our way home to nurse our bellies full of amazing Italian cuisine.IMG_0969


July 18th (The last full day of our trip)

Our last full day began with another breakfast at the house next to Sandy’s beautiful bay window out-looking her backyard (and conveniently located next to her Keurig machine). Once we had all gotten ready we drove over to Soco Coffee where I got my usual soy latte and where Liz and I had a quick photoshoot outside on the patio. Then came our drive through the mountains aka ‘wine country’. Before this drive I hadn’t seen too many vineyards and wasn’t quite sure yet why that area is considered the wine country in the first place. However, once you take the drive to Sonoma from Santa Rosa, the question isquickly answered. We went by many, many vineyards, everyone getting more beautiful than the last. They went on for miles, the rows of grapevines. They were such a beautiful, deep shade of green that outdid many of the evergreen trees that I had, before that day, thought were as green as they got! The vineyards were so symmetrical, their rows forming large patches or lines throughout the mountainsides that resembles the rows of lines that are made with a hoe being pulled through the dirt of a garden. The wineries were all just as mesmerizing with their gorgeous architecture and the beautiful gates that were welcoming tourists to turn onto their roads. This 18 mile drive was my absolute favorite view that I witnessed on the whole trip by far, had it been the only bit of nature I got to see on my trip, I wouldn’t have been disappointed.IMG_1004

Once we made it to Sonoma however, once again I wasin awe. It was such a gorgeous place. There was a big square park in the middle of the town surrounded by a large square of boutiques, wine-tasting shops, coffee houses, bookstores, and so much more. We walked all afternoon going in and out of places with a stop at the Cheese Factory for lunch along with coffee at the Sunflower Cafe. My favorite was a shop that went by the title ‘Love Sonoma’ where I found a few cute items. The best part about the place was the lady working there who went by Amy. Amy, Lizzy, and I talked for what seemed like an hour. We told her all about our vacation, and our upcoming summer plans. Then she shared suggestions, advice, some stories. Exchanges like ours with Amy are one of the wonderful pleasures that I most enjoy about life. What an amazing thing when you are able to genuinely connect with others, despite being strangers, and you can enjoy each other’s personalities and experiences, it is quite beautiful.IMG_1058IMG_1296

After we had decided that we were all exhausted from a long day we made the gorgeous drive home. We spent that night getting ready to go home the next day which included packing and some cleaning. Once we had finished we relaxed for our last time near the pool, each with a book.


July 19th (The day we depart Cali)

Another early morning called for a quick breakfast as I had one more coffee shop that was on my mandatory to visit list. After leaving we made a stop at City Garden on 4th Avenue. Here I enjoyed a ‘Lover’s Lane Latte’ which had Lover’s Lane Honey and was dusted with bee pollen. Lizzy ordered the ‘Garden Latte’ with lavender and rose syrup and was garnished with rose petals and lavender buds. Along with her coffee she ordered their Guittard Chocolate Donut which are made fresh daily with locally sourced ingredients. We took a few photos, had a few sips of our coffee (or if you are me you finish your own and then sip the latte that Lizzy didn’t finish), and we were off to the airport. The drive through San Fransisco left me in more awe than it had on the way in. I was so flustered by the fact that I was in California on my first day that I had not truly taken in the sites. I love the busy city of San Fran. I had been there a little over a year ago with my choir and it was as amazing as I remembered. So many sights, so much cultures, a city of dreams… and fog.IMG_1114

Eventually we made it to the airport, and with another flawless experience making it through the airport to our gate, we safely landed in Minneapolis that night and I immediately suggested we have dinner at Whole Foods (duh), and then went home. That night consisted of reuniting with my parents, my dogs, and my bed. And the hellos were all very quick due to the fact that I was back to work at Caribou the next morning.


There were a few things that I took away from my short but sweet trip to The Golden State:

  • If you want something to change, you need to make it happen. No amount of sitting around Hibbing, feeling sorry for my small-town self, was going to get me to California.
  • Take time to get to know the people around you, they all have stories to tell. I had gone years of seeing Sandy, but had never really talked to her. She was always my great aunt, now she is a lady who I see as one who has both seen and done it all. I was granted advice and wisdom in so many areas of life: school, family, romance, traveling, Christianity… and to think that it had always been residing in her, yet I never before took the time to listen.
  • Life does not need to revolve around money. I realize that these days it seems as though you need to have a high-paying job to really experience life, but that is not the case at all. Although I did spend some savings in the boutiques that we visited, and we went out to eat quite a few times, most everything else that we spent our vacation doing were relatively low-cost activities, or even free ones. If you are able to budget well, and be a smart shopper, you can make money stretch quite a bit farther than you may think you can.
  • Take time to smell the roses, and be thankful for them. I cannot tell you all the amazing sights that I saw on my trip that weren’t mentioned, and that I did not picture, because they were unexplainable, and couldn’t be captioned by even the world’s best camera. It takes an eye that is looking to see the details sometimes, but they exist. Not only do they just exist, but they were given to us by God. He created this world for us to enjoy and to see His glory.
  • You and your siblings WILL grow up to be best friends. Everyone always told me this, but Lizzy and I fought so much as kids I thought the idea of even staying in touch after becoming adults was funny. However, as we have gotten older, and I have been able to work through the wall I built around myself throughout my last few years of life, I have realized hey were right. No one can ever come in-between the bond that is built between siblings. It is a strong one that is truly unbreakable.
  • And lastly, always stop at every coffee shop you see!! One reason this is one of my favorite things to do is because not only do I love the beverages, but the experiences. Most cafes tend to be each their own. They are like people; every one with its own personality. I love to go to new coffee shops as they all have their own story which are told by the baristas, the regulars, the decor, the vibes of the shop, the beverages themselves, even all the way down to the uniqueness of the different cups and sleeves you will find at each one (which I have a collection of at home). I base my favorite shops off of the experience I remember having along with the coffee I remember drinking… and of course, the pictures that I am able to get, which is dependant upon how good the lighting is at the shop.


All-in-all, I had an amazing experience in California! I was blessed with seeing so many beautiful sights and got to learn so many lessons. I am looking forward to my next upcoming vacation to New York City, which is the gift I am receiving as an early graduation present from my mother! I am excited to experience the East coast, as I just did the West, and learn all the lessons that will be taught there as well. Until then, I plan to use what I have learned and continue to grow.

Getting Out of a Rut

“Nothing in nature blooms all year long, so you cannot expect yourself to do so either”… A quote that I always refer back to anytime that I am going through a rough patch in my life. Lately I have been struggling with lack in motivation when it comes to my workouts, my schedule, my hobbies, basically everything… It just so happened that the rut I was going through came just before I was leaving to go to camp for a week as a counselor. I have been counseling at Storybook Lodge Christian Camp for a few years now. I enjoy being and working with other teenagers to help spread the gospel to young kids more than anything. When I am at camp, my life is totally different from when I am at home. I left on Saturday morning for a graduation party, spent the night at that friend’s house, then proceeded to leave for camp then next day and returned home the following Saturday. So for about a week I was living a life that was unpredictable and not in my control. As absolutely scary as it may sound, especially if you are like me and love to have a schedule and plan everything out, I couldn’t be more thankful for my past week.

I am used to always being able to workout, make my own meals, spend my time the way I like, check social media anytime I feel like it, not socialize if I feel like being my introvert self, going to bed early because #grandmalife, and not really going out of my comfort zone. This last week, however, all that was different:

  • I did not have time to do any workouts, as a counselor I am up at 5:30am and have a schedule that brings me all the way to 10:00pm.
  • I do not get to prepare my own meals. When you are at camp, you eat whatever it is the kitchen crew prepares for everyone. There was a time when I would not eat anything that I hadn’t prepared myself or would not eat ‘unclean or unhealthy’ foods. I am no longer in that mindset, I just eat real foods that make me feel good! Most of the times the kitchen serves amazing meals that have healthy options… although I would be lying if I did not say that there are times when there is a meal such as hotdogs, or pizza, or something that I know doesn’t make me feel good, or that I know is full of ingredients that I do not enjoy, so I would go into the kitchen and take some leftover chicken or whatever was in the fridge and make my own plate.
  • Camp is a very scheduled place! There is almost always something for you to do or a place for you to be… so I never really get to choose what it is I want to do like I normally do when I am at home.
  • When you are at camp, especially as a counselor, you are surrounded by other people. There is at no point when you can decide that you are just not going to not socialize for a day. Every time you open your eyes there is a camper there asking for some candy or a fellow counselor wanting to go get some coffee (an absolute must as a counselor.)
  • One of the biggest shocks of leaving home for a week is that I wasn’t able to use the internet at all. I get no service on my phone in the area that I was staying in. I would not say I spend a lot of time of my phone normally… however I do check my texts a few times a day, I like to listen to podcasts while doing things, I enjoy watching YouTube videos while getting ready for the day, and I normally will scroll through my Instagram feed a few times and post once a day. When I am at camp, there is no access to that for me. I did have a friend who allowed me to use his hotspot a couple of times so that I could catch-up a bit on Instagram before some of our morning counselor meetings when we had both arrived early… but otherwise, my phone was basically a camera for the week.

Like I mentioned earlier, the thought of knowing that this week would bring all these changes was not a fun one for my Type A personality, but the joy that I experienced from the break has been so worth that discomfort. Before this schedule shock, I was really feeling just so ‘blah’ about everything. Have you ever felt that? It is never a fun feeling to have about things that were exciting things just weeks ago. But due to the fact that I was forced to take a break from my normal routine, it allowed me to just rest and enjoy life. I now feel refreshed! My body has gotten so much rest and feels amazing, I got to switch up my meals a bit, I have gotten to talk to so many more people than I normally would not have, I have been put out of my comfort zone is so many different ways that I would not have ever experienced in my normal life, I was forced to stay up a bit later than normal and switch up my routine… There were so many benefits of this past week of changes. However, not only did I enjoy all those aspects, but they have also sparked a new fire in me. I was able to be given a chance to miss my normal routine at home, and now I appreciate it more than ever. Ever since being home, (for about two days haha), I feel a new motivation and drive that wasn’t there when I left. I woke up this Monday morning bright and early and had a great breakfast, walked my dog, had an amazing time spent with the Lord in my Bible, I got some summer plans set, I am writing this blog post, later I will be having lunch with my father, then I have therapy, after I plan to get some cleaning done, and then I am so excited to finally get a good workout in! Not having done so much of this for quite a span of time, it makes it so exciting to get to do it! I have decided to limit the amount of times I am even near my phone, but when i do check it, it makes me so excited to see what all my friends have been up to!

So what exactly is my advice to you? It is that if you are in some kind of rut, no matter what it is, take a break. Take some time off from your norm, or switch it up, try something new.. Just do something different for a while to give yourself time to rest and recharge and to focus on something else in life for a bit.. And eventually you will be ready to come back to that thing and you will be more excited and motivated than ever before!

Living Beyond Fear

Let me be completely honest with you guys.. I am a creature of habit. I do not like to step out of my comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong, I do love new adventures, but I also love knowing exactly what is going to happen and how it will happen. I am a very Type A girl. In fact, I have a Passion Planner. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it is a brand of planner and it is so amazing. It allows you to plan all of your days in half-hour increments. As I bet you can imagine, I plan my life with that little book…The point I am trying to get across from you is that I would rather do something that I know the outcome of, verses doing something that is a complete mystery. Just a few days ago I was talking with my therapist about this subject. I was telling her that I was sick of not trying out all the activities and fun opportunities that I dream of because of the fear I have. We began talking about this because lately I have been determined to really find myself. After being out-of-touch with who I was for so long, (you can read my post about finding balance if you’re curious as to what I mean about this),  I am finally starting to find that amazing person again. The question however: Who is she? And what does she enjoy doing?

So the other day I had an afternoon to myself. My family was working, my friends were at school, my dog was asleep, and I had nothing to do. I was feeling really motivated, I really wanted to get something done. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself though, everything that I knew I used to enjoy just didn’t seem like something I could do at that moment…and so my afternoon ended up being one spent watching New Girl on Netflix. So later that night when I was feeling guilty about the wasted motivation, I started to brainstorm about what I used to enjoy doing on a free day, something I could have spent my time doing. I used to love to experiment in the kitchen! Trying to come up with my own recipes, or just testing out other people’s recipes! But I was so quick to dismiss the idea, even though I had a pantry full of ingredients and a kitchen just waiting to be used. I also used to love writing (a passion that I have clearly, quickly revisited). But at the time I was sitting there thinking that I didn’t want to write (despite having a large list of possible blog post ideas that I have in my journal and have been trying to find time to write). I have also always loved learning. Despite having a large math test to study for, I sat there thinking that I did not want to touch my book.

I told my therapist about all these different things that I could have possibly done, yet did not. Now don’t get me wrong, lazy days are a must!! Everyone needs to rest once and awhile! The problem wasn’t that though, it was that I did not want to be lazy. I felt like being productive, yet I could not get myself to do anything. So she was asking me why I didn’t try writing, or baking, or studying. At first I told her that I had no clue. In that moment I just felt like I wanted to do something, but not those things. As we talked it through, it became a lot more clear: I did not want to do any of those activities I loved, not because I ‘just didn’t want to’, but because I was afraid to fail. I was afraid to try a recipe and have it not taste great. I was afraid to write a post, and get writer’s block. I was afraid to continue studying my logarithms, and not understand them, as I hadn’t the day before. But what kind of life are you living if you only ever dream of doing the things you love, but you never actually chase those aspirations?

If you spend your whole life on this planet only thinking and not doing, well then you’re wasting your time. The thought of failing can be scary, but if failing is the worst that you can really do, is that something you should allow to stop you from pursuing your dreams? I wanted so badly to test out some new recipes, yet I allowed my fear of failure to stop me. So what if I failed? Maybe I end up with some loaf of bread that doesn’t taste so good, I can just try again the next day. Even if it did fail, I had that experience in the books. I can still say that I tried and that I did something that was worth spending my time on. Can you imagine if I had succeeded though? Then I would have a yummy treat that I could devour and maybe share with my family (if I was feeling generous…). I do not understand why I have allowed fear to rule my life for so long, why anyone lets fear rule their life. Our time on this earth is so minimal and so precious. We need to learn to spend our time wisely, because ask any adult and they will tell you that before the blink of an eye, you are going to be seventy years old asking yourself what you did with your childhood.

I don’t know about you, but I do not want to waste the limited time that God has gifted me with. It could end in a day, or in a million, but I have no clue. So I decided the other day, while sitting on my therapist’s couch, that I wa going to make a decision that day that I would begin from that moment on to live my life by. A decision that would allow me to wake up one day and feel that I did all that I could to get the most out of this life:


I am going to stop allowing fear to rule my life. Instead of making decisions based off of my emotions, I am going to start making them based off of my values.


Now first things first, you need to figure out what it is that you value in your life. What is most important to you? This is not a simple question…in fact, it took me an hour and a stack of about one hundred cards that each had one value written on them. Out of about one hundred possible things a human could value in their life, I took time to figure out which ones were the things that I found most important; the ones that defined me, define who I am, what I believe in, how I want to live my life. Those are what I am going to start living my life by.

So what exactly does this look like for me? Well, I have quite a list of different values that I put together. Some people value a few things, some values many, and that is okay! That is what makes us all unique! To give you some ideas as to how to live by your values, I chose a few to tell you about:

  • I value both passion and creativity in my life. Instead of basing my decision to not try out a new recipe for fear of failing, I should have decided I want to try one. Why? Because I value being creative and having passions. By getting in the kitchen, I would be fulfilling my love for creativity while pursuing a passion of mine! Instead I let my emotion of fear to decide that I was to stay out of the kitchen incase I didn’t make a tasty dish.
  • Another thing I value is purpose. Using my love of writing or my love of learning and acting on those in that moment would have been me making a decision based on that value. I would have been acting out of purpose. I believe we all have been given a purpose by God, and so to live out that has always been something that is important to me. However, like I mentioned before, I allowed fear to make my decision instead of my values.

I hope after reading those you now understand what it looks like to make a decision based off of your emotions instead of your values. Now I would like to leave you all with some thoughts, and a bit of a challenge. Do you want to keep allowing your emotions to control your life? The emotions you feel, the thoughts that come to you, the results of what you do are all things that you can not change. You can not change the fact that things might feel scary, or that your brain conjures up scary thoughts about the outcomes of trying something new, or that living your dreams could mean failure in some aspects. However, you can change the actions that you take. Instead of allowing yourself to choose your normal, old, beaten, path that has the same outcome…that path that, no matter what, will end up at a safe destination, you should try and choose the path that hasn’t yet been traveled. Make a list of what you value most in life, and decide that from now on you are going to use that list to live your life. Live your life, and make your decisions, based off of what you love, off of what will bring you joy. That is my challenge for you. I challenge you to allow whatever thoughts or fears might come your way to come. Instead of allowing them to make the decisions for you however, you need to only allow them to be there, only to be present. You need to allow that fear to come in, it is an emotion, and it is only healthy to accept all emotions. However, I want you to stop letting the fear overtake you. Allow the emotion to be felt, but do not give it the power that you have been granting it for so darn long. You have to say to your emotions that you accept that they exist, and that they are apart of you….however, that is it! They are no longer what will be running the show. Instead they get to stay silent while you now allow your values to be the ones who make the decisions for you. You will start making decisions like deciding to forgive a friend for a wrong they have done. You are afraid that if you do that they will continue to use that against you, but you value forgiveness. You also value your friendships and want them to stay as strong as possible. It might look like this, or it might look totally different. But whatever it is at the end of the day that you go to bed at night and can truly say you’re living your life for, and is important to you, please start making your decisions based off of those factors. I can promise you that if you begin to live your life that this, that one day, you are going to be able to wake up and say you are proud of what you have accomplished. You are proud of how you spent your life, and that you wouldn’t chose to ever do it over again.

Current Favorites: Snack Edition

I don’t know about you, but I am a snack-type of girl! I love to prepare myself healthy and nutritious meals that leave me satisfied, but with my go-go-go lifestyle, I get hungry very easy. That makes snacks a must!! I need all the energy that I can get to perform at my best potential! So I decided to put together a small post giving you some ideas on my favorite healthy snack options for whenever your hunger strikes!


Snack Idea 1: Hummus!

I recently made the discovery of hummus after hearing about it for soooo long, and I have not been disappointed. Hummus is so good! There are so many flavors out there as, making it something that almost anyone can enjoy. I love to dip carrots or celery into my hummus. Another idea is to dip any other veggie, crackers, bread, or hard boiled eggs into it! It is also great to add to any dish as an extra flavor source. I really like this organic Hope Hummus, however I traveled an hour and a half to get it (small-town girl problems). When I don’t have access to this brand, I usually enjoy Tribe Hummus.


Snack Idea 2: Kombucha!

Now I am aware that this is a drink and not an actual snack for munching on, but sometimes you don’t want to munch…sometimes you just need a good beverage, which is where this comes in! There are so many brands of kombucha out there and so many flavors as well. Kombucha is a fermented tea and it is jam-packed with probiotics! That means it isn’t only tasteful, but it is amazing for the health of your gut as well. And due to the strong connection between your mind and your gut, a happy gut equals a happy mind! This beverage tastes great and it is just as great for you! I love GT’s organic komucha, but there are many other brands out their that have products just as great.


Snack Idea 3: Peanut Butter!

For anyone who knows me, you know I am OBSESSED with all things peanut-butter. I will never not suggest this as a snack option. It is so tasteful, full of healthy fats and some protein, comes in many flavors, and can be eaten in so many ways. My favorite ways to eat peanut-butter are with apples, on toast, or in yogurt bowls. There are millions of other options though! There are so many brands I could rave about, but I’ve currently been hooked on these two: Justin’s and Peanut-Butter & Co. My all time favorite is definitely Wild Friends however. These brands not only taste amazing, but they have such great ingredient labels. They do not add all kind of sugar or unhealthy oils, they are very natural!


Snack Idea 4: Yogurt!

I loooove yogurt, I love it almost as much as peanut-butter. I tend to have at least one yogurt bowl a day! You can eat it plain, add fruit, add granola, add nuts, add peanut-butter or nut-butters, add veggies like sweet potatoes, or there are hundreds of other ideas. You can also use yogurt in baking or use unsweetened, plain yogurt in cooking to substitute for things like mayo. I really like Siggi’s yogurt. There is hardly any sugar, lots of protein, it is very thick , the ingredients are great, and it just tastes yummy. I also enjoy other brands as well, however I always make sure to check the label for the ingredients and the amount of added sugars!

There are so many more snack ideas out there, but these are just the ones that I am currently obsessed with! I tend to be a creature of habit though so you’ll probably be able to catch me eating any of these at any given times for the next long while! Whether you like these kind of snacks, or you taste buds go in a different different, the most important thing in my opinion is to know what the ingredient label says! When choosing your snacks, make sure you are going for the brands with labels that have whole ingredients, and words you can pronounce! You want to make sure to be fueling your body in a healthy way! I hope you were able to get a new idea for your next afternoon snack! Have a great rest of your week, and good luck if you have started taking finals as I have!(:

What does it mean to ‘live healthy’?

One of the things that I have always valued so highly in my life is keeping myself healthy. My body does so much for me every single day. My brain allows me to do well in school, my legs allow me to go for runs… fact, the whole purpose of my cells are to keep me alive and thriving!  My body is working around the clock to give me energy, so I love to put in the work I can to take care of it as well.

So what does it mean to “live healthy”?

In my opinion, I feel like my best and my healthiest self when I combine a number of different things:

  1. Exercise- I try and get my body moving for about an hour a day! Some days that means I will go to the gym and lift some weights, other days I will go for a run outside, and some days I may even just take my dog for a walk! Anything to get my body moving and allow myself to work up a bit of sweat.
  2. Nutrition- My body and my mind feel the best when I am properly fueling them. Now don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate as much as the next person, but I try and do it in a healthy and balanced way. Most days I try and get meals that are full of whole foods. I love fruits, vegetables, whole grains, yogurts, eggs, and chicken and fish as my main protein sources. I also love fat-filled foods such as avocados and peanut-butter. However it is so important to treat yourself as well because you deserve it; you are still human and it important to satisfy your cravings… and most of us have quite a sweet tooth! As part of my journey to try and start eating more natural foods, I go for all natural chocolate! I totally suggest the brand Eating Evolved! Their motto is that chocolate is food, not a treat! And it is so true!! Another part of this is to make sure to stay hydrated! Your body and brain cannot function properly if they do not have that H2O in their doing its’ thing!
  3. Self Care- One thing people often neglect is to take time for themselves on their health journey. Setting aside time once a day, whether ten minutes or an hour, is so beneficial to your mental health. Some of my all time favorite forms of self-care is journaling!! Giving myself the ability to write down whatever I am feeling really allows me to connect with myself more and truly understand what it is that is happening in my crazy mind! Another great form for me is taking time to read in my Bible and to connect with God, his love will always leave you feeling important! Self-care is anything that makes you feel good! Whether it is to take a bath, read a good book, treating yourself to the spa or a new pair of shoes! Never neglect this part of your mental health.
  4. The Zzzzzzzzzz’s- Sleep!! Sleep is so important for your overall health! It affects both your physical and mental well being. Without the right amount of sleep you will not have energy for your brain to function and you will be a grouch!
  5. Socialization- This is also a big one in my opinion. Yes, I would consider myself an introvert of sorts, however I still find times to spend with others! This can mean your friends, or your family, or heck-even the random person behind you at the grocery store!! I know that just by talking to other people that I feel a hundred times better and energized. Being around others just lifts me up and really inspires me to be my best self!


Do you want to know one of the best things about living healthy? There is no right or wrong way to do it!! You just finished, (I am assuming), reading my list of what I consider to be healthy living, but that does not mean that that is what your list has to look like. Health is not a ‘one size fits all’ but rather it is a ‘you’re going to have to get this specifically tailored to your size’ type of deal. What works for me may not work for you, and what works for you may not work for your neighbor. That is the cool thing though; health is whatever you make of it! If you feel great when you practice yoga every morning and have a smoothie bowl afterwards, then that is amazing! But if you love to go to the gym and pump iron and then refuel with a 6 ounce steak and raw eggs, do that! (Well okay.. Maybe not raw eggs…) But you get the picture! Health is not about comparison. It is not ‘I saw this girl doing this on social media, so I am going to do it too!’ Health is whatever you feel best doing! Instead of comparing yourself to others, find what works for you personally! Your body is a unique machine, almost like your car key. You wouldn’t walk up to your mom’s car and try putting your key into the door, because it is not going to open the car! (If it does however, you may want to have someone check that out…) Instead you only ever use your key on your car, because it is the only car that the key will unlock. That is the way your health works. You may see somebody running 8 miles a day, but if your legs can only carry you 3 miles do not feel bad. Do not tell yourself that you aren’t ‘good enough’ but rather that running isn’t your thing, and that is totally okay! There is something out there that you are great at that someone else only dreams of! So what is my advice to you when it comes to living healthy? It is to play around, maybe you’ll have to experiment a bit, but in the end just take part in the activities, and feed your body with the things that bring you health and happiness.


With that all being said I plan to hopefully start sharing recipes, meals, workouts, and tips for my ideas on how to live healthy soon! All that along with all the lifestyle topics such as school, travel, day-to-day life, my recommendations, and so much more with you all! If you enjoy reading my blog you can subscribe at the bottom of the page! Thank you all, and I hope you’re having an amazing week as of thus far(: